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Aunt Dor,

Mrs Williams.

Gone from our home but not from our hearts.


We want to thank all of those that came out, sent gifts or messages of love in honour of  Mummy, Grandma, Aunt, Mrs Doreen Williams for her Nine-night.


What is a Nine-Night ( the ninth night)?


The Nine-Night, is a tradition practiced in the Caribbean and across the globe by those of Caribbean heritage . It is an extended wake that lasts for several days ending on the ninth night in a celebration. During this time, friends and family come together to the home of the deceased. They share their condolences and memories and eat and drink together. Nine-Nights are no longer a time to mourn, but a time to celebrate since the loved one is no longer suffering in life. When friends come they do not come with just condolences, instead they come with food, drink and music in aid of the celebration and on the ninth night the family prepares the food for all who come either in a hall or at home.

Pictures from the Nine-night (more to come soon)



funeral flyer .jpg

Her Story

Doreen was born in Barbados in the 1930s and later moved to the United Kingdom, Leeds in the 1960s to live with her big brother Winston. It was here that she met and married the love of her life Kenneth Roy Williams. and they went on to have their only son Peter. The family was well-loved and surrounded by a large extended family and community, they later moved to London and it was very much the same, with more close family and more close community. Peter went on to bless Nanna with Grandchildren, first Sabrina, then Jerome, and all of those he called daughters, Alisha, Celena, Carena, and Shanna, and then Nanna was made a great-grandma, with Shyanna, Shakyrah, Tyler, 'Dara'Israel, Rayah and Eden. The reality is that Nanna had many grandchildren and children, that she adopted with her loving nature. Mum, Grandma, Nanna, Aunt, Aunt Dor, Mummy, were just some of the names she was affectionately known by, but they also represented the roles that she played in the lives of many, she was loved wherever she went and she loved all those she encountered. She went to be with the Lord on Tuesday May 24 2022, there is no doubt that she will be missed, she is gone from our home but not from our hearts.

Here is a song to remember her by. Nanna would play this song and remember my grandad. Now I play this song and I remember her:

We hope you enjoy the playlist below with more songs Nanna loved and that remind us of her:


We were blessed to have had so many memories with her, please see some pictures below. If you have any pictures you would like to share please use the upload box below or send them on WhatsApp to 07917113225.

Please show your love to the family by leaving a message:

You can also upload a picture by clicking on the comment box and then clicking on the first icon (the picture button)

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